U-Today End of the Year Quiz 2021 (update, including answers!)

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2021 was a year of ups, downs and above all… lockdowns. With such an extraordinary year almost behind us, an extraordinary end-of-year quiz is appropriate! Do you want to look back at what happened and test your knowledge about the UT in 21 questions about 2021? Then take our end-of-year quiz now!


Update (5 January), the answers:

  • Question 1: what is the name of the current Dutch minister of Education, Culture and Science?

The answer: C (Ingrid van Engelshoven)

  • Question 2: Which well-known American TV presenter visited the UT this year?

The answer: B (MythBuster Jamie Hyneman)

  • Question 3: The white student villa of Huize 't Pott at the Oldenzaalsestraat changed colour last spring. But which colour?

The answer: C (pink)

  • Question 4: The UT has been active on which social medium since this year...?

The answer: B (TikTok)

  • Question 5: What was this year's Kick-In theme?

The answer: A (Expand your Horizon)

  • Question 6: What did the UT's executive board urgently advise EU students back in August?

The answer: D (To reconsider their enrollment if they hadn't found accommodation yet)

  • Question 7: Solar Team Twente won the Solar Challenge Morocco in October. In which city did the race start and end?

The answer: A (Agadir)

  • Question 8: A former board member of swimming association Piranha took €20,000 from the treasury. What did he spend that amount on?

The answer: C (cryptocurrency)

  • Question 9: How many years ago was the UT (okay, THT then) officially founded?

The answer: C (60 years)

  • Question 10: Two UT students started and ended a protest action group in 2021. What was the name of that group?

The answer: A (UNMUTE)

  • Question 11: A researcher accused the UT of discrimination when he was denied a PhD position. Where did he come from?

The answer: B (Iran)

  • Question 12: ‘The UT will always have to be a little bit smarter, faster and better’ - from who is this quote?

The answer: D (Former UT President Victor van der Chijs)

  • Question 13: Which of the following photos WAS taken in 2021?

The answer: picture 4 (take a look)

  • Question 14: Machteld Roos started as UT vice-president this year. Which university did she come from?

The answer: C (Wageningen University & Research)

  • Question 15: InSPE performed a musical in the open air theatre in September. Which musical?

The answer: C (Fiddler on the Roof)

  • Question 16: This year saw the birth of new associations. Which association is NOT one of them?

The answer: D (KaBam - Bowling)

  • Question 17: Where on the campus was a test and vaccination tent of the Healthcare Authority for months this year?

The answer: A (P3 - next to the Es)

  • Question 18: Which restaurant chain opened its doors in the Spiegel this year?

The answer: B (BrownieS&downieS)

  • Question 19: What was the name of the UT festival that was cancelled last-minute?

The answer: B (UnBEATable)

  • Question 20: Which member of the Dutch Royal Family visited ITC this year to celebrate the faculty's 70th anniversary?

The answer: A (Princess Margriet)

  • Question 21: What was the best read article on utoday.nl last year?

The answer: B (Column Femke Nijboer: Vaccinatieplicht a.u.b.)

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