Editor in Chief
Maaike Platvoet

Maaike Platvoet has been the editor-in-chief of U-Today since 2016. She studied journalism at the University of Windesheim (Hogeschool Windesheim). Afterwards she was employed at the Twentsche Courant Tubantia and in 2002 she began working at the UT.

She puts her heart and soul into journalism. She always stands up for the importance of independent press. As the U-Today’s editor-in-chief, Maaike is responsible for the overall quality of our website, science magazine and special magazine editions.

Stan Waning

Stan studied journalism at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Windesheim). He did two internships at TC Tubantia and joined U-Today in January 2021. During his studies and early in his career, he initially focused on sports topics, but today he also enjoys writing about politics, current affairs, student life and human interest stories.

In his stories, he likes to describe what he sees and hears on campus, and he prefers to translate what students and staff see and feel as accurately as possible.

Ditta van Baaren

Ditta started her journalistic career in 1993 at Dagblad Tubantia, later called Twentsche Courant Tubantia. She first worked as a reporter in the Rijssen/Nijverdal/Wierden/Holten region, and later moved on to countless evening and night shifts as an editor before becoming the editor-in-chief. In 2011 she moved to the University of Twente, where she became editor-in-chief of the news medium which was then still called UT Nieuws.

The news platform experienced significant changes under Ditta’s leadership. UT Nieuws became more digital, innovative and included more articles in English. Ditta said goodbye to the UT in 2016 and became a freelance journalist, but kept on writing for U-Today. In 2022, she returned to her 'old nest' as an editor. Or she returned to her old love, one might say.

Sandra Pool

Sandra Pool has worked at U-Today (UT Nieuws) since October 2005. She started as a reporter and continued to becoming an editor, the coordinator of special editions and the person in charge of advertising and paid content. Sandra connects companies, partners and associates of U-Today through our entrepreneurial portal, an online platform available to both internal and external parties.

In 2001 Sandra obtained her degree in journalism, focused on written press, at the University of Windesheim (Hogeschool Windesheim) and in 2004 she finished her studies of International Relations at the University of Amsterdam.

Rense Kuipers

Rense studied Crossmedia Concepting at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences. When he joined U-Today at the end of 2014, he immediately knew two things: 1. This is the place where he wants to call himself a journalist. 2. There’s no better place to do so than at this inspiring campus, where no two days are ever the same.

From student stories to hardcore science. And everything in between and outside of it. Rense wants nothing more than to experience, fathom and clarify your University of Twente. Every day over again.

Nice to meet you

U-Today is the independent journalistic medium at the University of Twente (UT). You read us to be well informed about anything and everything UT related.

The U-Team

Besides our small team of permanent staff members (as pictured above), we work together with a number of (student) freelancers.

Naturally, our team has some specific shared traits: we are passionate about our job, curious and critical.

What we do (our core activities)

  • Online articles: daily news, in-depth interviews, photo stories, videos and other interesting content on utoday.nl
  • Social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • The printed Campus Magazine, in collaboration with the M&C department

What we also do (our portfolio)

  • Special editions: printed or digital magazines on a certain topic, department or development, usually on enquiry by third parties. For examples, see the 4TU Magazine, ECIU Magazine.
  • Media expertise: commissioned by third parties, we can coordinate, write, supervise and advise, when it comes to publishing and multiple forms of content.
  • Branded content: Through the Business & Career portal, we offer third parties the opportunity to publish paid/sponsored content.
  • Display advertising: we offer space for banners and advertisements, both online and in printed issues.
  • For more information, check our portfolio page, or send an email to [email protected]!

How we do it

Most stories come from the hands of our reporters, sometimes supplemented by HOP-press releases (higher education press agency).

Although many articles are written in Dutch, as the international community at the UT grows, we offer more and more articles in English.

Good old journalistic values

The world of journalism has changed drastically over the past years. Like many other news media, we are finding ways to reinvent ourselves and appeal to our audience, while not forgetting the good old journalistic values, as defined in the Code of Bordeaux.

Hearing both sides of the story. One of the most important principles of journalism is hearing both sides of the argument. U-Today is committed to this principle, in order to produce reliable journalism.

When writing an article, we aim to include multiple perspectives. The principle of hearing both sides of the argument is not necessary for every publication, but it is absolutely compulsory when factual accusations against a person or organisation are being made.

Once published, it stays published. Contributions to a discussion will not be removed by us afterwards on request. Do not say or write things that you may regret later.


All U-Today content is copyrighted.

It happens regularly that other news media copy and paste our copy and then publish it in their own media. We don't think this is correct. In fact, it is plagiarism.

Plagiarism means copying someone else's work and then publishing it as your own, without properly acknowledging the source. If you want to copy text(s) from our website or use a photo/illustration, please call/email the editorial staff.

Editorial Board

U-Today has an editorial board. This board is meant to reflect the UT community and consists of a Scientific Staff Member, a Support Staff Member and a Student Member.

The editorial board of U-Today meets on average four times a year in order to discuss the chosen editorial policy. Its important function is to provide the editor-in-chief with requested as well as with unsolicited advice. It can also play a role of a mediator in case of conflict.

The Editorial Statute of U-Today provides more information on the editorial board and its function.

The current editorial board includes the following people:

  • Dr. Eric Lutters, Chairman, Teacher & Researcher in the field of Industrial Design
  • Dr. Alma Schaafstal, Scientific Staff Member & Programme Director Creative Technology and Interaction Technology
  • Edward Borggreve, Supporting Staff Member & Finance employee
  • Dr. Oscar Peters, External Member & Employee of Newcom & Research
  • Sterre Mkatini, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer (General Affairs)
  • Mark Swinkels, Student Member & Student of Civil Engineering and Management

The editorial board and the Chairman Eric Lutters can be reached by email [email protected]

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