Language Policy U-Today

U-Today, the independent news medium of the UT, embraces the international character of the University of Twente. For that reason, we publish a lot of articles in the English language, we have an international editor working on our team and we publish our Science & Technology Magazine completely in English. In our pool of student writers, we also work with several international students. That way, we want to service our audience of international students and employees as best we can.

U-Today uses both the Dutch and English language. Also – when appropriate – we include English summaries in Dutch articles. In practice, this means we offer articles in English, Dutch and both languages. We do that for the following reasons:

U-Today understands the need for a language policy as the UT applies. However, we do see it as our journalistic obligation to look at this policy critically. After all, the University of Twente is a Dutch university, working in an international environment.

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