Theme Kick-In 2021: ‘Expand your Horizon’

| Stan Waning

‘Expand your Horizon’ will be the theme of the upcoming Kick-In. The Kick-In committee revealed this in a pre-recorded video on Wednesday evening. The logo for the 2021 UT Kick-In period was made public as well.

The logo for the 2021 UT Kick-In period.

The Kick-In theme presentation is a regular event every year, but as in normal life, nothing is the same for the committee this year. So the board did not receive a packed Agora, but presented the news online.

Secretary Britt van de Ven explains the choice of the theme: ’As committee members, we all looked back on our Kick-In. What did it mean to us? What has stuck with us? Everyone actually stepped out of their comfort zone. You start new things that you never thought of before and nothing is too crazy. From there, after many brainstorming sessions, we unanimously arrived at this theme.'

As an example fitting the theme, Van de Ven mentions the associations you come into contact with as a beginning student. ‘I had never heard of so many cultural and sports associations. When I was still living at home I had never thought about crossfit, while now I like to get involved in it on campus.'

Van de Ven, a Communication Studies student, says the theme also responds to the current times. The board members see 'Expand your Horizon' as a guide in the creation of the theme. 'We came up with so many good plans, but due to the corona rules, more and more of them fell through. Then you have to push boundaries to stay positive, to be creative again. So the theme is also close to us as a board. We think that's important.'

The board is not yet releasing much about what the Kick-In will look like after the summer. Partly by choice, partly because the board does not yet know what will or will not be possible. The 2020 edition of Kick-In was a hybrid version of the event. That is also among the possibilities this year. 'We hope we can keep as much as possible physical. You see festivals are all being moved to August/September as well, so we still have that hope.  We have to wait and see.'

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