Building plans ITC on hold

| Rik Visschedijk

The new building plans for the ITC faculty on campus have been ‘temporarily’ suspended. Mirjam Bult writes this on behalf of the Executive Board in an e-mail to ITC employees, that is in possession of U-Today. This is caused by the higher prizes in the construction market, which means that the UT must review its entire housing plan.


In recent weeks, the first designs for the building to be placed on the site of the Citadel were presented. After calculating the preliminary design, it became clear that the costs do not fit within the ITC budget, Bult writes.

According to the Executive Board, the increased costs are mainly caused by the higher prices in the construction market, such as increased costs of materials and personnel. This insight means that the UT must analyze the entire Long Term Strategic Housing Plan (LTSH).

The intention was to house ITC on campus in 2021. Every year the UT looks again at the budget for the LTSH. Last year, for the same reason - the higher prices in the construction market - the budget was increased by thirty million euros.

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