Renovation of Langezijds nearing its first milestone

| Stan Waning

The renovation of Langezijds, the new home for the ITC faculty, will mark its first milestone in April. The building is expected to be water- and windproof by then, according to project leader Rob Nengerman.

People who drive past the campus on the Hengelosestraat or students who cycle on Hallenweg will have noticed: major steps have been taken with the construction in Langezijds. According to Rob Nengerman, this observation is correct. ‘We have done a lot of demolition work in recent months, but we are now in a phase where we are actually building. About eighty people work here every day, so it is moving fast indeed.’

Lungs of the building

The project leader states that the building team is working ‘like a train’ from the left (the side of the Technohal) to the right (to the main entrance of UT). The renovation has advanced the furthest on the left. ‘At the topside you can see that the glass roof is finished and the first of the three courtyards is visible below. The water crates are already under the tarp’, says Nengerman, pointing to the future ‘lungs’ of the building. The contours of the wide glass entrance of the building are also starting to take shape, which ensures more light inside Langezijds.

On the side of the Technohal, the frames and windows have been attached to the front and backside, which means you can get a view of Kennispark. The construction of the floor foundation is also ready. During an investigation in September, it turned out that the foundation needed unexpected adjustments. Because of that, the renovation got delayed, which means that the ITC faculty will not be able to move until early 2023. ‘That is my estimate, we expect completion at the end of 2022. The focus is now on the first milestone this April, when the entire building is shut and water- and windproof. We are going to celebrate it with the construction team and the faculty.’

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