100 new student houses on campus boulevard

| Jelle Posthuma

One hundred new student houses will be built along the Boulevard on campus. It concerns permanent and independent units of De Veste housing corporation. A recently granted exemption allows for the construction to start in 2022.

A first design of the houses on the site between the UTrack and the Boulevard.

The new student houses are to be built between the campus supermarket and the UTrack, which is now occupied by trees and bushes. The construction of the student houses on the Boulevard had been planned for some time, says Martijn Rink, managing director of Woningstichting Vechtdal Wonen (the parent organization of De Veste). 'But an exemption was needed for this,' he explains. 'The Netherlands is divided into housing market regions. Because the municipality of Enschede lies outside the formal region of Vechtdal Wonen, we had to apply for an exemption from the Ministry of the Interior in order to build.'

According to Rink, this is a 'tough procedure'. 'Thanks to the Ministry, the municipality of Enschede and fellow-corporations in the region, the process was accelerated and that is very good news for us.' The managing director says that the current housing crisis among students played a part in the rapid handling of the matter. 'The parties involved are doing everything they can. Everyone is aware of the housing crisis at the moment.'

In addition to the new buildings on the Boulevard, there are also plans for extra housing elsewhere on campus. 'We are thinking about the new ITC faculty, for example. But these plans are not yet definite.' De Veste will also renovate existing student housing on the campus on a large scale and make it more sustainable. 'Think of insulating measures that will increase the comfort and reduce the cost of living.'

Earlier it was announced that De Veste, in collaboration with housing corporation Domijn, will build and manage housing units at Kennispark. According to Rink, these houses are intended for recent graduates and starters. 'It has to be a lively extension of the campus.' The 230 temporary housing containers on Witbreuksweg, which will be placed in November, will also be managed by De Veste - as soon as the corporation receives a permit from the municipality. No exemption was needed for these houses. 'I think it is very nice to see that we can realize this in Twente with combined forces,' concludes Rink.

It is not yet known when the new permanent homes on the Boulevard will be ready. Construction will start in 2022.

(Photo: the campus boulevard, on the right the student houses should be located)

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