Witbreuksweg target of burglaries

| Rense Kuipers

A wave of burglaries is plaguing residents of the Witbreuksweg in recent weeks. This is confirmbed by housing association De Veste and UT security.

Photo by: kyara.com.vn

In recent weeks, homes at the Witbreuksweg have been hit several times. In a special 'Witbreuksweg Neighbourhood Watch' WhatsApp group, residents share video footage, their experiences and a manual for reporting incidents and descriptions of the perpetrator(s).


Housing association De Veste acknowledged the cases via an email to the residents and called on them to report incidents to the police and to close windows and doors properly. De Veste manager Richard Ditzel states that there is a 'wave' going on currently. 'We've seen that happen more often over the years, that campus housing is targeted by criminals to a greater or lesser extent. At the moment, we are seeing a similar wave on Witbreuksweg.'

Jan Willem Bruins, head of security, substantiates the claim with numbers. 'In February, we received four reports of incidents at the Witbreuksweg within two weeks. That's more than normal. These are only the reports that we have received, it may well be that students have also reported the burglaries directly to the police.'


According to Ditzel, it is not so much a question of burglaries, but of 'sneak-ins'. 'After reports from residents, we immediately contacted UT security and the local police. After a round, the local police officer concluded that not all residents had locked their homes equally well. Criminals take advantage of the opportunity they are given.'

Ditzel and Bruins both point out how important it is to close windows and doors properly. ‘First and foremost, it's very unpleasant when someone touches your stuff. But as a resident, you have some influence on that. Just by leaving a window tilted, you make it easy for a criminal to sneak in,' says Ditzel.

Alarm systems

De Veste makes alarm systems available to residents. They can submit an application for this, Ditzel says. For the time being, there is no question of stricter supervision from UT security. 'Because we always keep a close eye on things,' says Bruins. 'In any case, it's a good thing for students to report suspicious people and activities. Stay vigilant.’

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