Results of elections: one newcomer, lower turnout

| Jelle Posthuma

The results of the University Council elections are known: newcomer Dik Schipper gets one seat with his one-man party ET, at the expense of the PvdUT. There are no changes for the rest either among employees or students.

Voter turnout was lower than in the previous elections. This year 36.36% of students voted, compared to 41.49% last year. If it comes to employees, 35,78% of them voted, compared to 38.17% two years ago. Mirjam Bult (vice-president of the Executive Board), who announced the election results in the Vleugel building, however pointed out that the percentages are still higher than at most other universities.


The PvdUT loses one seat to the new one-man party ET by professor Dik Schipper, who received 147 votes. With this loss, the PvdUT now has two seats. Nothing changes for Campus Coalitie: they remain the biggest party with six seats.

The distribution of seats remains the same among the students. UReka still has five places on the University Council. DAS occupies three seats and the PvdUT holds one.

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