Sober dies natalis due to UT's financial situation

| Rense Kuipers

The UT celebrates a more modest birthday on 24 May compared to previous years. The 62nd dies natalis takes a step back in terms of location, decoration and musical entertainment. This is because of the UT's financial situation.

Frans Timmermans was last year's keynote speaker.

The UT's austerity measures will also be visible during the celebration of its 62nd birthday, the dies natalis. For example, the academic ceremony only takes place in Waaier 1, not in Waaier 1 and 2. The decoration of the location and the sound is no longer provided by an external party, as in previous years. There are also no artists present for a musical interlude.

'We try to get the most out of it and have to make do with what we have,' says Astrid de Graaf, project leader on behalf of the Marketing & Communications department. 'The financial situation is what it is, but people will notice that. Nevertheless, we are setting up another nice event hope that the enthusiasm is not affected.'

Comparable program

In terms of content, this 62nd Dies Natalis has the same programme as in recent years: the cortège of professors who enter the hall, while the students of College Cnødde sing Gaudeamus igitur . Rector Tom Veldkamp will give the opening speech and three prizes will be awarded: the Overijssel PhD Award, the Marina van Damme Scholarship and the Professor de Winter Prize.

Jan Hendrik Dronkers, Secretary-General at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, will give the keynote lecture. There will also be three speakers from the UT itself: associate professors Sissi de Beer and Devrim Yazan and bachelor's student of Industrial Engineering & Management Chantal Ermling. They will all talk about the theme that is central to this dies: the circular economy.

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