Cubicus residents move to Kennispark in summer

| Stan Waning

Cubicus will undergo extensive renovation over the next few years. The building's residents will be in a building rented by the UT at Kennispark from the new academic year.

The temporary home of Cubicus residents at Kennispark.

The reason for temporarily housing staff at Kennispark is the renovation that awaits building Cubicus. A renovation that will take several years. The biggest part of that job: making the building completely sustainable with a new climate system. In late 2021, the university council already expressed concerns about ventilation problems in the building. The renovation of Cubicus is scheduled to be completed in early 2027.

The characteristic Cubicus - formerly the Applied Mathematics and Computing Centre (TWRC) - was built in 1973. The building is typified by its rough looking cement, its sturdy legs in the water, linked blocks and walkways. This Monday marks exactly 21 years since half of the structuralist building was lost in an ignited fire. On that spot now lies car park P2.

The faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences (BMS) will hold three walk-in moments for staff in Capitool 15, which UT has been renting since April 2022, at the end of November. Employees will then get a tour and ask questions about the move. In principle, the BMS Lab and three study associations can skip those days, as they are not moving with them to the Capitool. This is because the BMS faculty chooses to keep education and research on campus as much as possible. For the three associations and the BMS Lab, the head of Langezijds has therefore been allocated as a temporary place.

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