Holiday highlights: our ten best-read articles this year

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Now when the academic year has drawn to its close for most – while others are still powering through the summer – it’s time to revisit some of the highlights of the past ten months. Today, we will walk you through our ten best-read stories.

A housing crisis, before the academic year even started. With a quarter of students from the EU not having found accommodation yet halfway August, the UT sent them a letter to reconsider their enrolment at this point.

The more than logical fallout after the UT’s advice: anger, desperation, a glimmer of hope… Students without a room respond to the letter and talk about their situation: ‘'All my positive thoughts about the UT and education in the Netherlands have disappeared. I thought this was a country with high standards.’

Our columnist Femke Nijboer shared her anger about ‘the complete automation, standardisation and - I'll just say it – dehumanisation of educational evaluations'.

An interview with the ever outspoken and thought-provoking Marcel Levi, who has been chairman of Dutch research financer  NWO since April.

From our ‘Eye of the Beholders’-series, looking back at the sixty-year history of the UT with eyewitnesses. In this specific episode, employees Hiska Bakker (Studium Generale) and Stefan Kooij (portfolio holder education TNW) looked back on the years 2006-2010.

Joep Wennemars, student of International Business Administration and a very talented speedskater, made a transfer to the renowned Jumbo-Visma team. An explanation for this relatively high number of readers for this straightforward news article: his father and former speedskater Erben retweeted our news message. Thank you, Erben!

Whoops... UT professor Mariëlle Stoelinga thought she was running the five kilometres of the Enschede Marathon, back in April. It turned out to be the half marathon, more than four times as many kilometres.

This was the ‘talk of the town’ in November. A former treasurer of swimming association Piranha transferred 20,000 euros from the club's savings account to his own account. He said he wanted to invest the money profitably in cryptocurrency for the club, but lost over 7,500 euros.

Very soon after the Piranha affair, it was UT professor Stefano Stramigioli who then became the talk of the town. He put up a note on his office door, stating: ‘In my office NOT vaccinated people NOT welcome’.

At the start of the academic year, our columnist Femke Nijboer pledged for mandatory vaccines for whoever comes to campus. ‘If you want to do an academic study, but you don't believe in science, what are you doing here at all?’