Liveblog: Coronavirus

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In this liveblog, we will share the latest updates with you regarding the coronavirus and measures both the UT and its community are taking.


2/10, 16:30 | UT: wear face masks inside

The Executive Board gives students and staff the 'urgent advice' to wear masks in the UT buildings as of this Monday. The advice only applies if you move around, not if you are seated.

1/10, 16:28 | Student-specific measures

There are some student-specific measures for the next three weeks, in addition to the measures taken by the Dutch government and the Executive Board: a registration obligation for anyone who even sets one foot in the Bastille, no barbecues and (constitution) drinks, no flyers or other things may be handed out on the O&O square, let alone an event taking place.

1/10, 14:45 | Face masks: UT awaits further details from government on Friday

Since Wednesday, the Dutch government advises urgently to start wearing non-medical mouth masks in all public indoor spaces. Tomorrow at 6 p.m., The Hague will provide more information on the exact details of this advice. 

The UT informs staff and students in an e-mail that they will wait for the detailed advice on Friday, before changing the current policy on campus.  

29/9, 18:07 | Extra measures at UT

With its own tightened corona measures, the UT is following the line taken by the VSNU earlier today. This means an extra critical look at working on campus, smaller meetings and no advice on wearing a mask.

29/9, 16:00 | VSNU Update

While the UT crisis team is still discussing additional UT specific measures, umbrella organisation VSNU communicated new measures for Dutch universities the upcoming three weeks. To summarize:

  • No masks required (yet): universities are not public indoor spaces, so they say. Students and staff are allowed to leave their mouthpieces in their bags for the time being. 
  • Events like PhD defences, thesis defences, inaugural lectures and graduation ceremonies can be organised in small groups, with a maximum of 30 people.
  • Working from home for employees is once again being implemented a little more strictly.
  • There is a bit more room for students: activities like self-study are seen as a allowed educational activity.
29/9, 15:51 | Changes in the Sports Centre

As of today the Sports canteen and clubhouses are closed. In accordance with the new national rules, playing sports remains possible, but spectators are not allowed during any sport matches and activities.

The major sports event on campus this week, the Kronos Campus Run, got cancelled.

29/9, 15:45 | Vestigbar closed

Due to the new national measures, the Vestingbar on campus will be closed until further notice. 

29/9, 15:41 | New corona measures announced by the government 

Yesterday evening, the Dutch government announced a new set of rules aiming to contain the Covid-19 outbreak. Based on these new measures, working at home should be the norm, bars and restaurants now need to close latest at 22:00 and fewer people are allowed to gather together: a maximum of thirty in one room, with groups of no more than four people at one table. The new rules will apply at least for the next three weeks. However, an exception has been made for education, as well as for demonstrations, funerals and church services.


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