Obligation to register in Bastille, no drinks allowed

| Rense Kuipers

Student life also cannot escape the stricter corona measures. For the next three weeks, there will be a registration requirement in the Bastille and there will be no more (constitution) drinks, barbecues or events on the O&O square. Student Union chairman Daniël de Vries sheds a light on the measures taken.

Partly, the Student Union (SU) is in a split when it comes to corona measures. The motto is not to impose or forbid, but to think along. Chairman Daniël de Vries: 'The most important means we can use are to think along with student organisations and to remind students of their own responsibility. It is precisely this responsibility that is so important if we are all to emerge from this crisis situation together. Although we have to say that we have a lot of confidence in students.'


Nevertheless, yesterday the SU communicated some measures for the next three weeks, in addition to the measures taken by the Dutch government and the Executive Board: a registration obligation for anyone who even sets one foot in the Bastille, no barbecues and (constitution) drinks, no flyers or other things may be handed out on the O&O square, let alone an event taking place. 'Our communication follows from consultation with the UT events bureau and Campus & Facility Management,' says De Vries. 'In the end, they have to grant permission for the events that student organisations want to set up.'

Extra set of brains

Since the easing of the measures towards the summer holidays, the SU has mainly been thinking along with student organisations. 'They don't have to ask permission from us, but we do like to think along with them. An extra set of brains is always useful. And we see that the events that the organisations have set up are really well put together,' says De Vries. 'And sometimes we have to cut back. We recently came up with a plan for coronaproof constitution drinks together with Euros, the umbrella associations and the events bureau. But unfortunately, for the time being these events are cancelled.'

The formal side of student life - from sports trial lessons to the opening hours of the Pakkerij - is fine, says the SU chairman. According to him, however, it is difficult for the SU to get a grip on informal gatherings. 'The extensive association life around the UT means that a lot is happening. We are not, and do not need to be, closely involved in everything. Organisations that organise something have a large degree of their own responsibility, and we try to point that out to everyone.'

'Sound the alarm on time'

All in all, the SU represents some 150 student organisations at the UT. For all these organisations it is still unclear what the consequences of the crisis will be, says De Vries. 'No organisations have come to us yet with major problems. The Kick-In went super well and we can see in various places that the membership numbers are doing well. But the longer this situation lasts, the more the income side is at risk. Our message to the organisations is: sound the alarm on time so that we can come to the aid, together with the UT.'

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