UT: wear face masks inside

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The Executive Board gives students and staff the 'urgent advice' to wear masks in the UT buildings as of this Monday. The advice only applies if you move from point A to point B, not if you are seated.

Since last Monday's press conference, there has been a lot to do around whether or not to wear face masks in public indoor spaces. There is a special exception for universities: they are not public indoor spaces. Earlier this week, therefore, the UT did not give any mouthguard advice, but is now coming back to this after adjusted advice from the central government. This evening, the Dutch government is officially communicating that advice.

From Monday onwards, a face mask is recommended for all UT staff and students in the UT buildings on and outside the campus. This advice does not apply if you are sitting in the canteen, at your workplace or in a lecture hall, but it does apply when you move around. The advice applies to non-medical face masks; the UT wants to prevent a shortage of medical masks. 

The Executive Board emphasises that the mask advice is an addition to - and not a replacement for - the basic measures: washing your hands, keeping a distance of one and a half metres, coughing in your elbow and staying at home in case of symptoms.

Teachers also receive additional advice: experience has shown that they often move through rooms and come close to students. That is why, according to the Executive Board, they can choose to wear a face shield.

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