New party Genesis running for university council

| Rense Kuipers

Genesis is the name of a second new student party, running for university council. The party was founded by ITC students Michael David and Paul Ojukwu, who will be the party’s candidates for the election in two weeks. Last week it was also announced that uTOP is participating as a new party.

Photo by: Gijs van Ouwerkerk

‘Since there were only two parties representing students, DAS and UReka, we thought of creating this new party to create more room for competition,’ says David. ‘Our name Genesis stands for a new beginning. This is the new beginning for the UT. We want to be the ones making the wake-up call to build on what is there ánd create something new. Since the university council is the highest decision making body at this university, we think this is the best platform to have a voice.’

Room for improvement

The party focuses on the themes internationalization, student wellbeing and information sharing. ‘We’re not saying other parties don’t have these themes on their agendas, but we do see room for improvement and focus. Look at information sharing, the UT has its platforms, but information rarely reaches students who are less involved or informed to start with. So they rarely benefit from the platforms that are already there.’

Four student parties

David, a MSc student of Spatial Engineering, stresses that Genesis is a UT party and not an ITC specific party. Together with Ojukwu, he will be on the election list in two weeks, when the UT community can choose new students and employees for the university council. With the recent additions of Genesis and uTOP, there are now four student parties taking part in the elections, from 22 to 26 June.

In the picture: co-founder of Genesis, Michael David.

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