Liveblog: Coronavirus (week 15)

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In this liveblog, we will share the latest updates with you regarding the coronavirus and measures both the UT and its community are taking.



10/4, 16:35 | People disobeying rules on campus

The UT has received signals that groups are still getting together for sports, parties or barbecues on campus, while also not observing the mandatory one-and-a-half meters distance. Together with housing corporation De Veste, the UT has sent a letter to campus inhabitants to stop this behaviour. 

Also the Dutch police has announced to be extra strict. Fines go up to €390 a person.

9/4, 15:31 | University council elections postponed

The University Council elections will be moved from the end of May to the end of June. Due to the corona crisis, parties were unable to find new people in time. Candidates can throw their hat in the ring from now until 1 June, the elections will take place three weeks later.

9/4, 14:25 | UT puts a ban on Zoom

Because of privacy and security issues, the UT has put a ban on the use of Zoom for video conferencing. According to the cyber safety department, Zoom allows personal information to be shared with third parties without the explicit consent from its users. Security researches have also found a number of serious vulnerabilities that might open up systems to attacks.

8/4, 14:00 | Coronacrisis affecting implementation smoking policy

The implementation of the smokefree campus policy is undergoing some changes because of the coronacrisis. Since the campus is mostly empty these weeks, BMS researchers aren't able to research the enforcement aspects. The group programs for people who want to stop are now postponed until June 1st and communication has been reduced to the bare minimum. The former smoking facilities - the ones that looked like bus stops - have been removed and new signs have been placed in buildings.

7/4, 15:15 | No signals of loneliness issues among students

Caroline van Dijken, head of Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling, says that her department hasn't received any signals of students struggling with loneliness. 'It seems as if the problems that otherwise affect students - either social, emotional or psychological - are being pushed into the background. Other, more acute concerns now have priority.'

7/4, 11:42 | Virtual Language Café

The UT Language Centre will start offering a Virtual Dutch Language Café from next Tuesday, 14th of April. The digital get-together will be held every workday from 12.00 to 13.00 hrs. You can join the Language Café in a Canvas Conference, where one of the Dutch teachers will place you in a small group and provide a conversation topic.

One of the organizers Céline Schouten says: ‘It isn’t easy to do things like have lunch with your colleagues or have a chat with your classmates during these difficult times. To help people connect, the UT Language Centre is offering this virtual Dutch Language Café where you can meet new people, have conversations about daily topics, and practice your Dutch all at the same time. We would like to welcome everyone who wants to practice their Dutch or help others practice Dutch.’

You can find more information on the website of the UT Language Centre.

6/4, 11:15 | Twente University Fund starts Coronavirus Emergency Fund

Twente University Fund started a crowdfunding campaign last weekend to provide aid to students and PhDs affected by the corona virus. In some cases they require acute financial support, think of the costs of repatriation or the loss of a part-time job that has created financial difficulties.

Twente University Fund will double the first 10,000 euros in donations. The counter is now at almost 10K. The emergency fund will be made available to the UT Corona working group "Wellbeing students".

6/4, 11:15 | New liveblog

We started this new liveblog, to keep you up to date about developments this week. Last week's liveblog can be accessed through the link below.


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