UT tightens financial measures with vacancy freeze and end of temporary contracts

| Rense Kuipers

No extension of temporary contracts, a stop on vacancies and even the meeting lunch is to go. With a number of firm measures, the Executive Board wants to 'make acute adjustments and achieve immediate effect' to improve the UT's finances.

The three members of the Executive Board.

This is evident from an e-mail that the Executive Board sent to senior management on Monday and was subsequently sent to other managers. In its most recent management report, the CvB noted that the financial measures in place since the Spring have not been effective enough.

According to that latest management report, the UT recorded a deficit of 17 million euros, where a deficit of 15 million euros was budgeted this year. Moreover, in the mail, the CvB points to 'disappointing student intake figures from September 2023'.

Vacancy freeze and no extension of temporary contracts

To at least plug the €2 million hole, the board announced a robust package of measures. Temporary contracts may not be extended unless extension is 'highly necessary'. Recruitment will also be stricter; no expansion vacancies may be posted and not even replacement vacancies - again unless 'highly necessary'.

Temporary hiring of staff will also be discontinued - both new and existing. The same applies to consultancy. The last measure announced by the board: 'no lunches or catering at meetings'. The board also reiterates its earlier plea to write leave and project hours on time.

Tightening the belt

In other words, the Executive Board is tightening the belt even more firmly than recently announced. How long the measures will be in force is still unclear. Key benchmark date is the next management report, which must include all figures up to and including October. According to the Executive Board, that management report should 'show whether it is necessary to extend or intensify the above-mentioned set of acute measures'.

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