Frosty’s transformed: From ice cream to Poke Bowl

| Stan Waning

Operator Carlos Leeflang has turned ice cream shop Frosty’s on the Boulevard into a bar to pick up Poke Bowls. Lovers of the dish from Hawaiian cuisine can go there from today on.

Leeflang – who is also owner of the Subway – opened Frosty’s in April as an ice cream shop, where vegan ice cream was served this summer. On October 1st, the doors closed due to the colder weather. Because Leeflang thought it would be a shame to keep the place shut for months, he came up with another concept. A shop to pick up frech Poke Bowls. ‘Whereas I had not heard of a Poke Bowl four months ago’, he admits.

Still, he thought it would be a good idea to serve the dish with sushi rice, vegetables and finely sliced chicken or raw fish on the Boulevard during the winter season. ‘This is something completely new to me, so I want to see how things go first, for example when it comes to opening hours. Currently, we are open from Monday until Friday from 16.00 to 20.00. The idea is similar to the Subway. An open bar where you can craft your own dish. Hopefully a lot of students will be able to find us for a fresh meal.

Frosty’s Poke Bowl opens today at 16.00 on the Boulevard

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