Community service for former treasurer Piranha

| Stan Waning

The 22-year-old former treasurer of the swimming association Piranha, who embezzled money from the association’s treasury, has been sentenced to community service. That happened last month during a Public Prosecution Service hearing. He did not appeal the sentence.

The former board member had to answer to a public prosecutor’s hearing at the beginning of September. That is a session which is not public, which is why the amount and conditions of his community service are unknown. The decision made is irrevocable.


In May 2021, the now 22-year-old former treasurer transferred 20,000 euros from Piranha’s club savings to his own account. He wanted to invest the money in crypto to gain a profit for the association but lost more than 7,500 euros. The association’s treasury committee did not notice the transfer, because it was forwarded false account balances. A new Piranha board discovered last September that something was wrong with the financial management.

A few weeks later, in a general assembly, the board imposed ‘appropiate sanctions’ on the fraudulent treasurer, who no longer studies at the UT. At the time, the board did not want to explain exactly what those sanctions entailed but now indicates through chairman Ties van het Erve that the case has been settled. ‘We got the lost money back and the judiciary has settled it with the former board member.’

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