‘Appropriate sanctions’ against fraudulent treasurer Piranha

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The board of UT swimming club Piranha is imposing ‘appropriate sanctions’ on the former treasurer who transferred 20,000 euros from the club treasury to his own account last academic year. The club announced this in a statement on its website.

The decision on the treasurer’s fate was taken during Piranha’s general assembly on 1 December. In May, the former board member transferred 20,000 euros from the club treasury to his own account. He said he wanted to invest the money in crypto currency for the club’s profit, but lost over 7,500 euros. The current board discovered the malpractice and sent a letter to all Piranha members.

During the general members meeting, an anonymous vote was taken on the matter. In a statement [bron wel in het Nederlands] on the website, the board says ‘to impose appropriate sanctions on the person concerned. In addition, agreements have been made about the repayment of the remaining amount of money. This has already been discussed with the person in question.’

What exactly these ‘appropriate sanctions’ are cannot be read in the message on the website. It is unclear whether the association will press charges and how the remaining amount will be repaid. Earlier, the board suggested in a letter to the members that the former treasurer be allowed to invest again, so that he could re-earn the money more quickly.

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The board of Piranha, the Student Union and the UT are, despite several attempts, unwilling to further explain the measures taken against the former treasurer. The swimming association wants to resolve the matter internally. In the statement, the board says it trusts ‘that this case can be settled properly as soon as possible’.

Piranha makes use of the sports facilities and subsidies of the UT. The university regrets the situation, but says that the treasurer’s issue is a matter for the association. ‘Our view is that ZPV Piranha is not taking the situation lightly and is responding adequately: not only to come to a proper conclusion, but also to ensure that something like this does not happen again’, spokesperson Laurens van der Velde says.

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