Programme Winter Kick-In largely physical

| Stan Waning

The Winter Kick-In, from 5 to 12 February, will mostly take place physically. The Kick-In committee expects between 150 and 200 participating master's students.

Like the previous committee, the current one also lives from press conference to press conference. What is possible? Can everything take place physically, or will we have to settle for an online version? This means that, this year too, the committee is keeping several scenarios in mind. 'But as it looks now, we can organise almost everything physical. We are very happy with that,' says chairperson Esther Schakel.

Just before Christmas, the committee announced this year's theme: Take the Leap. The announcement was to be made with an audience, but at the last moment the committee switched to an online performance. 'You have constantly take that into account. We expect that we can stick to the current programme, but should the rules become stricter, then scenarios are ready,' says Schakel.

In the afternoon of Saturday 5 February, the committee kicks off the Winter Kick-In. Sunday is also a full programme, after which Monday and Tuesday are planned for the faculties. The movie night follows one day later, while Thursday is a day of rest. On Friday and Saturday the final activities are scheduled. 'Registration is open. Master's students can register up to one day in advance. We are counting on around 150 to 200 participants, a nice number', says Schakel. 'We want to give the participants the best possible picture of the campus and the city. We are getting a lot of help from do-group parents and from BlueShell, Fanaat and ESN Twente, for example, which we are very happy about. In any case, as a committee, we are ready for it.'

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