Face masks mandatory on campus as of 30 August

| Michaela Nesvarova

Physical education at universities is allowed again as of 30 August, but not all Covid measures will disappear from the UT campus. Face masks will be mandatory again, the rule to keep 1.5 meter distance outside classrooms remains in force and UT employees are advised to work from home until at least 19 September.

The Dutch government has announced that as of 30 August 2021, educational activities in higher education are allowed take place without the need of keeping 1.5 meters distance. However, the new academic year at the University of Twente will not be without restrictions. The UT has informed about this in an official email sent out today.

Although social distancing will no longer be necessary in classrooms, the UT has chosen to maintain the rule to keep 1.5 meter distance outside classrooms. Specific plans and walking routes have been designed for each building on campus.

Starting from 30 August, everyone on campus will once again need to wear a face mask inside buildings. It is mandatory to wear a face mask when moving around a building, but not once you are seated. This rule applies to all buildings on campus as well as inside the building of the Faculty of ITC. The rule, however, doesn’t apply inside the U Parkhotel, High Tech Factory and The Gallery, because the UT is not the main occupant of these buildings.  

It should be mainly students who return to the campus for the time being. Advice to work from home will remain in force until at least 19 September 2021. In line with the advice of the Dutch Government, the University of Twente asks its employees to work from home and only come to campus if necessary.

Employees and students are also asked to take a self-test before coming to campus. It is still possible to order free tests via www.zelftestonderwijs.nl. The need to test also applies to people who have already been vaccinated. The rules will be reevaluated once the Dutch government releases new advice.

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