UT student starts petition against physical exams

| Rense Kuipers

Educational institutions, stop taking physical exams during the severe lockdown. That is the message of Nicolien Boekhoudt, UT student and chairperson of the PvdA youth branch in Overijssel, who has launched a petition.

Photo by: Gijs van Ouwerkerk

'Having physical exams is not just asking a student if you're prepared to risk your health. No, it is also calling on a student's own responsibility when they are a bit sick, have a positive tested roommate or should be in quarantine for some other reason,' the Computer Science student introduced the petition. 'There are corona resits, but are you prepared to throw away weeks of study because you happen to have a runny nose? That resit is your last chance, are you prepared to be delayed for a year? These are questions you cannot ask students.'

International students

Boekhoudt also specifically mentions the situation of international students. 'They have an even tougher time, many have gone back home because they are worried. By asking them to take a physical exam you increase international travel and the risk of spreading the virus.'

Boekhoudt's petition is in line with earlier complaints within the university about the taking of physical exams, including critisism via an Instagram account and from the university council.

More than 160 signatures

The UT student calls for a review of the current policy on exams and offers the following solutions. 'Make sure exams can be done at home, make use of all empty rooms during physical exams and make sure there are more opportunities to do resits.'

At the moment, the tally stands at more than 160 signatures. Boekhoudt, chairman of Jonge Socialisten Overijssel, wants to eventually pass on the petition 'to those who can influence this issue'.

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