Two evening lectures per week ‘as a last resort’

| Jelle Posthuma

A second evening lecture per week will be possible from next semester onwards. With this, the Executive Board wants to make room for small-scale on-campus exams. The University Council agreed with the proposal, but emphasizes that the number of evening lectures should be kept to a minimum.

The group size during on-campus exams led to questions among staff and students this autumn. Is it safe to take an exam with more than a hundred students in one room? In response to these concerns, the UT wants to reduce the group size. In order to create capacity for this, a second evening lecture during the week is available as an option.

According to the University Council, reducing the group size during exams is 'a sensible decision'. The council also agreed to an extra evening lecture, albeit with a number of remarks. ‘Can the Executive Board promise that there will be no third or fourth evening lecture and how long will this measure last?' Max de Vries of UReka wanted to know. ‘We know it's a crisis situation, but we're worried about the well-being of fellow students.’

‘I don't see a third evening lecture happening, for now,’ assured Rector Tom Veldkamp. ‘But in this current crisis situation I can't make any promises. Of course we are looking at alternatives. A second evening lecture is really a last resort. The starting point is to make students feel safer during exams. In order to achieve this, we need to look at a second evening lecture. I see that as a trade-off; together we will make the best of it.’

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