Face mask mandatory at UT, education continues

| Jelle Posthuma

Effective immediately, a face mask is mandatory in all UT buildings. The UT announced this today in response to the press conference that was held on Tuesday evening. Education will continue as before. ‘But, this comes with great responsibilities.’

Update Sports Centre 15/10

Today, the Sports Centre has made a decision in response to the government's new corona measures. All training sessions for sports clubs have been cancelled until Monday 19 October, both indoors and outdoors.

After that, all training sessions for indoor clubs will be cancelled for the next four weeks. Outdoor clubs can - in consultation with the Sports Centre - decide what is possible from 19 October onwards. The rule remains: only at one and a half metres distance and with a maximum of four people. Competitions are not allowed indoors or outdoors.  

Group lessons and fitness will continue. These activities do not qualify as team sports. For group lessons a maximum of fifteen participants per lesson applies. In the fitness room too, a maximum of fifteen athletes will be admitted at the same time.

Tennis is allowed, but not in competition and always at a distance of one and a half metres. Furthermore, the swimming pool in the Sports Centre is closed for adult athletes for at least four weeks.

In UT buildings, a face mask is only required when someone relocates. If you sit down, you may remove the mask. Previously, the university decided to give an ‘urgent advice’ to wear a mask. The obligation is effective immediately, because the UT buildings are not public indoor spaces and the university therefore does not have to wait for a legal basis.


Nothing changes for education, said Prime Minister Mark Rutte in the press conference on Tuesday evening: 'Education is too important'. At the UT, activities such as exams, practicals and lectures can therefore continue as usual. This also applies to graduation colloquia and ceremonies, but there is a maximum of thirty attendees. Moreover, only staff and students are welcome, no other visitors. Working from home is and will remain the norm at the UT.

Food, sports, culture

The canteens at the UT continue to offer food and drinks. Due to the more stringent measures, fewer activities will take place in the Sports Centre in the coming period. The sports canteens, showers and changing rooms were already closed. Now there is a ban on sports activities that cannot take place within one and a half metres. Free-swimming is also no longer possible as of today. It is not yet clear how the Sports Centre will implement further measures exactly. Vrijhof Cultuur cancels all shows in the next four weeks and Studium Generale is hosting all events online the upcoming period.

The Executive Board informs staff and students in an e-mail that they are pleased with the government's recognition of the importance of education. ‘But, this comes with great responsibilities. We ask you to take this responsibility together with us. Don't visit the campus if you don't have to.’

The importance of the ground rules is also underlined once more: wash your hands, keep a distance of one and a half metres, cough in your elbow and stay at home in case of symptoms. Finally, the board is encouraging the community to keep in touch and support each other. ‘So that we can get through this difficult period together.’

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