Peer groups to ensure corona measures on campus

| Michaela Nesvarova

To make sure that everyone on campus complies with corona measures, the UT will introduce a ‘peer way’ of working. Appointed students will keep track of fellow students’ behavior. Teachers will address teachers’ behavior. This was announced by the Executive Board during the University Council meeting in the Horst today.


‘We will take extra steps to increase awareness of all corona measures and compliance with the rules,’ said Mirjam Bult, vice-president of the Executive Board. ‘To achieve that, we want to work with peer groups. We are trying to find students who can address other students and teachers that can address teachers. This is something that will be happening in the next weeks.’

President of the Board Victor van der Chijs assured that the UT is doing well with regards to Covid-19. ‘So far so good,’ he said. ‘We see a lot of compliments on how we deal with the situation, but this also means that we need to do our best to keep the situation under control. Especially in regards to keeping to the rules, which might not be on top of everyone’s mind all the time.’

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