Police detain suspect of burglaries in campus residences

| Stan Waning

On Wednesday, police detained a man suspected of committing burglaries at campus residences. The hope is that the wave of burglaries – which plague the campus for weeks – will now subside. Nevertheless, local police officer Erik Dunnewind continues to insist on closing windows and doors properly.

At the beginning of March, this site wrote about an increase in the number of burglaries in campus homes. That wave has continued in recent weeks. This month alone, things went wrong three times at the Matenweg. Local police officer Erik Dunnewind hopes that the many burglaries are a thing of the past, because on Wednesday the police arrested a suspect. The suspect was arrested on the order of a public prosecutor.

'Further research is being carried out to determine whether multiple thefts can be linked to this suspect,' says Dunnewind, who continues to insist on prevention. 'I ask residents to call 112 immediately if they see a suspicious situation. And it is important to close windows and doors properly, even if you are only away for a short time. Many homes on campus have sliding doors, which students often leave in the tilt position. That seems safe, but it's not.'

Dunnewind indicates that the police often see fluctuations in the number of burglaries. 'That usually has to do with the working area of a burglar.' According to the local police officer, homes on the campus were mostly broken into in the evenings and on weekends, but burglaries also took place during the week. All kinds of things were captured. 'Mainly loot that can be used to make money quickly: jewellery, game consoles, but also wallets. Last week, items were removed from three rooms on the Matenweg. Hopefully, with the arrest, the wave of burglaries has come to an end.'

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