Police are looking for a violator

| Rik Visschedijk

The police Twente uses social media to appeal to the public: be on the alert for a man bothering women between Hengelo and Enschede. 'It is not specifically about the campus,' says Jorien Stevelink of police district North. ‘But stay alert and report immediately if you are a victim.’

Photo by: Flickr Creative Commons | Politie Rotterdam

There have been no reports of incidents in recent weeks. But the man, who approaches his victims on the bike and grabs for 'breasts and buttocks', has not yet been found by the police. Stevelink says that the suspect took hold of several women. 'It is certainly not just young ladies who are victims. The man seems to make use of the opportunity so far. When he sees that not many people are around, he strikes.’

'We want to apprehend him,' continues Stevelink. 'The only way to do that is when victims report to us. Preferably as soon as possible. We often hear that women call the police when they get home. If you are a victim, or you see something, let us know immediately. Pay attention to the man's description. And if possible, make a photo or a movie.'

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