No more exams during Kick-In next year

| Redactie

Having to take an exam as a senior during the introductory period? That will be a thing of the past as of next academic year. The Executive Board recently decided that there will be no more central or decentral exams during Kick-In.


Some boards of study associations shared their concerns with student members of the University Council a few months ago, who in turn voiced those concerns to the Executive Board.


Several programmes scheduled resits during the Kick-In. And that, according to the University Council, was at the expense of student activism. 'If students have exams, they are less likely to participate in the Kick-In, for example as a do-group parent,' said then UReka delegate Jaime de Bruin.

Rector Tom Veldkamp was not opposed to the advice, it turned out during that meeting. Drawing up the academic calendar for academic year 2024-2025, he decided that there would be no (de)centralised written examinations during Kick-In.

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