The U-Today survival guide for freshmen, part 2

| Rense Kuipers , Jelle Posthuma

Welcome, freshmen! For a flying start at this university, we'll help you get started with this handy handbook. Because for a well-informed 'sjaars', no challenge is too harsh. Read part 2 here.


The A stands for activism

Were we to make a UT abc, the A would undoubtedly stand for activism. Then we are not talking about climate activism - although that movement is also on the rise at UT, albeit sans occupation for now. We are talking about student activism in the form of numerous boards, committees, student teams and student assistants.

What about the PaparaCie (the photography committee of study association Alembic), the ChickCie (the women's activity committee of swimming association Piranha) and the SalCie (salsa dancing committee of dance association 4 Happy Feet)?

Or take the GDPR committee of study association Arago, PrivaCie. From the same corner: Pretty Hot And Very Tasty or Tamelijk Heet En Erglekker in Dutch - THEE for short - the physicists' tea committee.

Ludicrous as it may be, the UT would not be the UT without this activism, which manifests itself in almost every form imaginable. You'll find that out soon enough as a freshman. Welcome!

A shot of UT history

The UT is a relatively young university, once founded in 1964 as Twente University of Technology (THT). But that does not mean there is no history at all. Quite the contrary, in fact. The university of Twente has now built up a rich history and, as a brand-new freshman, it can't hurt to pour yourself a little shot of UT history in preparation for your study career. Because, as the saying goes: he who knows history, knows himself.

We therefore proudly recommend U-Today's archive to provide yourself with the study material you need. Be sure to check out our section 'Eye of the Beholders', in which we look back at a period in the history of the UT with veterans.

Or listen to our podcast 'Landgoed Drienerlo', about the fascinating origins of the UT campus.

Read and listened? Time for a short quiz in the trivia category.

  1.  Which Dutch football legend was trainer at football club Drienerlo in the 1960s?
  2. How many girls/young women were in the first batch of students at THT, too precursor to UT? You may be off by one.
  3. Which well-known student event, still organised on campus every year, made it into the Guinness Book of World Records?
  4. Who wrote Bonita Avenue, a best-selling novel set largely on the Twente campus? Bonus fact: the author worked for years at UT News, the predecessor of U-Today.

The Hague, Drienerlo and democracy

What applies to history also applies, of course, to the latest (political) developments, both on campus and in The Hague. You might think - as with the history piece above: bleh, boring! No problem, no hard feelings. Skip this bit and start reading again at the 'Parties and events' section.

Still there? Good job: as a first-year student, it obviously can't hurt to keep up with higher education news. What about the basic grant and the bsa (binding study advice)? Will students get energy cost compensation? And what is happening with language policy at universities? Decisions in The Hague have a major impact on your study career and your wallet. Via the U-Today website and app, we will keep you as up-to-date as possible on all the latest developments.

At campus level, policy is determined by the Executive Board (EB), the university's three-member board. The EB is monitored and advised by the University Council, also known as the UC. Every year, students are allowed to vote to determine the composition of the council. The UC also makes decisions that have a major impact on your study career. What will the Twente Education Model look like in the future? Which (sports) facilities will be given priority? And what will be done about student wellbeing? These are just some examples, which you can read all about on U-Today.

Parties and events: from relay race to Elfbierentocht

If you want to make a splash during your student life, the campus and its surroundings are the place to be. How about the Hubertusfeest, right in the city of Enschede, at the homonymous Huize Heilige Hubertus. In this category, don't miss the Christmas gala at Huize 't Pott and the flat party on Campuslaan. Relative newcomers are the Sky is the Limit festival at the airport and the Summer Sounds party on the UT's O&O square. There's also the Elfbierentocht, but be careful with all that booze, Professor Wiendelt Steenbergen recently advocated on U-Today.

There is no shortage of events on campus. The most eye-catching spectacle has always been the Batavierenrace, a relay race for and by students. The course starts in Nijmegen, goes a short distance through Germany, crosses the Achterhoek region and ends on the campus in Enschede. It is a huge event every year, attracting thousands of students from all over the country. We dare say that every UT student has to experience it once, both the relay race and the party afterwards. Need a more study- or career-related event? Even then UT offers plenty of options, for example with the Business Days Twente or Create Tomorrow.

Our most important tip: enjoy your time here to the fullest. Welcome, freshmen!

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