Kick-In takes heat and strike by NS staff into account

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The freshmen will have to deal with a strike of the NS-staff and tropical temperatures on Wednesday, the first day of the Kick-In. According to the Kick-In committee, a plan for extreme weather is prepared and the future students have been informed about the strike.

Photo by: Arjan Reef
Photo from the archive: refreshment during the Kick-In in 2015.

Tomorrow, NS staff will lay off work in the Northern Netherlands region (Zwolle, Lelystad, Groningen and Leeuwarden) because the CAO negotiations have failed. The NS will make a statement about the exact impact later today. Keolis Blauwnet, responsible for the train between Zwolle and Enschede, is still running. The participants of the introduction week have been informed about the situation, says Danique Lummen on behalf of the Kick-In organisation. 


Besides the strike, temperatures during the first two days of the Kick-In are expected to be tropical, exceeding 30 degrees. For all activities of the introduction week, there is a plan in place for 'extremely hot' weather, Lummen says. According to her, this plan takes effect at a certain temperature and sun intensity. As measures, the organisation mentions shaded areas and the distribution of extra water to participants and crew.

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