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More room for the most important news, push notifications and a special portal as a showcase for advertisements and our journalistic services. The U-Today website and apps received/will receive an update. Read about the most important changes below.

The U-Today team.

Homepage: more focus and space for urgency

Let's start with our homepage. In recent years it was rather crowded: a highlighted main article with the most important story of the day, next to it three small blocks with other news items, next to that a ticker with the latest news and the best-read articles and below that another featured block in which we regularly highlight regular series and columns.

'Less is more' is often said for good reason. We therefore consciously opt for a broader and better presentation of the three most important articles of a given moment. If you want to read more, take a look at 'more news', or scroll down for the background stories and interviews in 'Spotlight', columns and opinion pieces in 'Opinion', student-centred and light-hearted topics in 'Campus Life' or science stories in 'Science'.

Articles: less boxy, better readability

There is also a cosmetic change at article level. They are now centred and the font size is larger for improved readability. Again, to create more calm on the page and thus provide the reader with the most pleasant reading experience possible.

Push notifications

The U-Today app will receive the latest updates next week. If you already have our app (Android or iOS), you will not only notice that various bugs have been fixed. You can also receive push notifications (if you want, of course). Rest assured, you will not receive such alerts for every new article we publish. We are conscious and considerate of the most important news that is worth sharing with you immediately.

Our portfolio in the spotlight on 'Advertising & Services'

Conducting independent journalism is our core business. In addition, there is the Advertising & Services portal, where U-Today offers relations and companies the opportunity to advertise, place advertorials, vacancy texts and so on. We also have a great deal of experience and expertise in the field of writing, editing and making customised (digital) magazines. We are happy to share this expertise and experience with the UT community, but it is separate from our journalistic activities on This way, our journalistic independence is guaranteed. Want to find out more? Take a look on the portal.

Various other minor changes

In addition to the above-mentioned changes - carried out by SST Software - we also made a number of other changes behind the scenes. Think of updating outdated information on static web pages, offering additional information about our journalistic approach, polishing off a few annoying bugs and enhancing security 'at the backend' of  

Tips and suggestions? Always welcome!

Did you find a bug somewhere or do you have any suggestions on how we can further improve our website? Please send an email to [email protected]!

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