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Now when the academic year has drawn to its close for most, it’s time to revisit some of the highlights of the past ten months. Today, we share some of our (favorite) articles from 2021/22 that we think you shouldn’t miss out on. A few U-Today reading tips to get you through the summer.

Stories of transgressive behavior

After U-Today survey about transgressive behavior within the UT community, several students and employees shared their personal experiences related to (sexual) assault and conflicts at the workplace.

In the first story, UT students Juliëtte and Ann bravely tell their stories. They were both victims of sexual assault.

In part two of the diptych, UT employees Mariska and Iris describe how they experienced abuse of power by their managers.

Background and analysis

Throughout the academic year, we brought a variety of in-depth stories. Everything from analysing the history of University College Twente to exploring the role of scientists in the public domain.

After a critical evaluation report and changes in management, University College Twente was facing a collective unrest. Here we present a reconstruction of the programme’s fall from grace.

Threats and intimidation against scientists are on the rise. How should researchers deal with (online) bullying and what is their role in the public debate?

UT researcher Iris van Sintemaartensdijk has spent a lot of time in prison. The PhD candidate used Virtual Reality to interview almost 200 criminals across the Netherlands, aiming to determine what happens inside the mind of a burglar. Read more about the ‘Virtual Burglary Project’.


60 years ut

The University of Twente turned 60 years old in the past academic year and that, of course, couldn’t go unnoticed. We proudly present our contributions to the UT’s birthday celebrations.

Eye of the Beholders series. For a year, U-Today traveled back in time with eyewitnesses – to revisit each and every year of the UT’s history.  You can find the full series of articles here. 

In honour of the 60th Dies Natalis, when honorary doctorates were handed out to four carefully selected candidates, we created our very first digital magazine. Here you can find the special edition dedicated to honorary doctorates at the UT. 


Female voice

The topic of female representation is (sadly) an evergreen, as women remain underrepresented and sometimes unheard.

In honour of the International Women’s Day, seven women from the UT shared stories about their personal role models and the importance of (female) representation.

Men can be feminists too. UT student Jeroen Boerma wrote this opinion piece, calling on his fellow men to join the conversation and fight for equal rights.


Human interest stories

Here is a small selection of the many personal interviews that have appeared on the U-Today page in the past ten months.

After almost thirty years of employment, Pim Fij said goodbye to his ‘great love’, the UT. Read his farewell interview here.

Have you read the story of UT student Bo Arends, a successful powerlifter?

Many stories about the war in Ukraine could be told – also by members of the UT community. After many hardships, Dasha Dudareva managed to flee the devastated Ukrainian city of Mariupol and started her job as a technician at the UT.

Roelof Bleker recently returned to campus not only as a UT alumnus, but also as the new mayor of Enschede.

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