Six UT projects receive money from Incentive Fund

| Stan Waning

A cycling course for international students, a performance about all-gender toilets and a specific study on feminism in cartography. These are three examples that feature in the six projects awarded funding from the Incentive Fund, aimed at improving diversity and inclusion within the UT community.

Last year, the Ambassadors' Network honoured seven requests. The budget of a total of 45 thousand euros comes from the OPUT. In 2019, the Incentive Fund changed course: instead of just supporting women to make career moves, the fund expanded to initiatives that benefit diversity and inclusiveness at UT.

This is reflected in the six projects that received funding for 2021. Brechje Maréchal, policy officer Environment & Sustainability, for instance, together with the Sports Centre and cycling association Klein Verzet, is allowed to set up a cycling course for international students who do not feel comfortable while cycling. An idea that would also benefit the sustainability of the campus, Maréchal states in her proposal. Daniela Crăciun, a researcher at the BMS faculty, will receive support to get started on a project that should benefit the recognition of the achievements of young UT researchers.

Franz-Benjamin Mocnik, associate professor at the faculty of ITC, is starting a study on feminism in cartography. On behalf of the Marketing & Communications department, Ratna Toering is working on the project 'The Conversation Helpers', which should help employees to express their wishes and needs to managers and colleagues.

LISA project manager Niels Oudelaar focuses on a 'Library as a Living Lab for Inclusion & Diversity'. Finally, the working group 'Th!nk with Pride' will organise activities to increase the visibility of the LGBTIQ+ community, such as a Coming Out Day, the opening of all-gender toilets and a performance.

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