Curfew: campus visits limited to 'absolute minimum’

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Because of the curfew, which goes into effect on Saturday, the university library will close its doors at 7.30 p.m. as of next week. The UT calls on staff and students not to come to the campus in the evening hours, unless it is 'essential'.

Photo by: Tim Rijnhout

On Wednesday afternoon, the Dutch government announced additional measures to curb the coronavirus more effectively, such as a curfew and new travel restrictions. In an e-mail to staff and students, the UT urges them not to come to campus in the evening hours unless it is ‘essential’. The university is going to monitor whether evening visits are limited to an ‘absolute minimum’.

Exams in the evening can continue as usual. Students, as well as lecturers and support staff, who travel the streets during the curfew because of an exam, must carry an individual declaration and a declaration from the UT.

Due to the curfew, the University Library will close earlier. Students can use the University Library until 7.30 pm. Also, the outside lighting at the sports facilities will be switched off at 7.30 pm. The Sports Centre desk will remain open until 20:00.

Travel restrictions

The new travel restrictions mean that flights (and boat trips) to the Netherlands are no longer allowed from the UK, South Africa and a large number of countries in South America. People coming to the Netherlands will also have to present two negative Covid tests. The UT will contact new students and employees who may be affected by these new travel restrictions and find a suitable solution accordingly.

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