Executive board emphasises: working from home remains the norm

| Rense Kuipers

Like prime minister Rutte at the corona press conference, the UT executive board emphasises: working from home remains the norm, also after 1 September. The UT is still aiming for a maximum building utilisation of 40 percent.


For the new academic year, the mantra 'on campus if possible, online because it's possible' applies. The UT investigated that a building utilisation of 40 percent must be possible on campus. Rutte's warning words on Tuesday do not change the course of action. Because despite the possible 40 percent occupancy, working from home remains the norm. This is emphasised by executive board spokesperson Bertyl Lankhaar. 'On campus we give priority to activities related to education and research.'


Employees who wish to use their workplace must report to their supervisor. 'He or she, together with a corona coordinator, will keep a registration system to ensure that we continue to comply with the corona measures.'
In the first place, the set-up of the 'one-and-a-half meter university' will be tailor-made. 'For each room, we look at how high the maximum occupancy may be,' says Lankhaar. 'There are various guidelines for this. In some cases, for example, furniture has to be moved in order to maintain a distance of at least one and a half meters. In order to prevent too many people entering the campus and buildings at the same time, the supervisor determines whether the employee can actually work on the campus.'

Common sense

The Executive Board also appeals to the common sense of the UT community. 'We ask people who do not attend or teach lectures to avoid busy moments and places - during breaks and arrival and departure times of classes,' says Lankhaar.

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