Evening sessions, later first lecture and 40 percent occupancy

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As of 1 September, the UT will ease the corona measures: staff and students will again be able to use 40 percent of the campus facilities. In order to relieve public transport, the first lectures will start at 09.00 hours and students will have a maximum of one day of evening classes per week.

As of 1 September, the UT aims for an occupancy rate of 40 percent of the normal capacity. This applies to all activities on campus. The faculties and service departments must decide for themselves who is allowed to work and when. As of 1 September, the 1.5 metre social distancing rule will continue to prevail. For each lab, department and building someone is appointed as 'corona coordinator' to supervise the 1.5 metre social distancing rule. 

The lecture times have been adjusted as of 1 September to relieve the burden on public transport. The starting time of the first lecture has been moved from 08.45 to 09.00 hours. Evening classes are new as well: students will have classes in the evenings for a maximum of one day a week. Small-scale lectures, practicals and exams will be given priority over other educational activities. Large-scale Lectures remain online.  

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