Six Corona cases at Campus053

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Six UT students living in the Hogekamp have been diagnosed with the coronavirus by the Regional Health Service (GGD). The infected residents are now in self-isolation in their rooms. Camelot closed the common areas and the GGD is carrying out further contact tracing research.

The Hogekamp building

Update Tuesday 14/7: students out of quarantine

The GGD allows all six students who tested positive last week to come out of quarantine, according to the Camelot caretakers. After being in their rooms for one week and having no side effects, the six students are free to go out again.

Update friday 10/7: no new cases

No further infections, which can be linked to the already six infected students, have been detected as of yet at Campus053, according to the UT. The GGD Twente also asked other people to go into quarantine because they were in close contact with the six students, meaning they were closer than 1,5 meters from the students who have Corona, for more than fifteen minutes.

The GGD Twente informed the UT yesterday that six students tested positive for the coronavirus. They all live in 'Campus053', the part of the Hogekamp in which Camelot rents out some 450 apartments.

The GGD has started contact tracing research in order to detect possible further infections. The Camelot caretakers in turn took measures to prevent further spread. The infected students are in self-quarantine, common areas are closed and the caretakers asked all residents to stay in their rooms as much as possible while they are in the building.

Update: No influence on daily operations U Parkhotel

The cases have no influence on the daily operations of the adjacent U Parkhotel, says director Marijke Schmand. 'We have a separate system, with separate entrances and no ways to get from our part of the building to the Camelot part. As usual, the hotel is open for guests.'

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