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Campus, that's the title of the magazine that arrives on the doormat of employees, students, alumni and business relations one of these days. With the magazine, which appears in English and Dutch, we want to inform and connect. Through stories about education, research, entrepreneurship, student life and alumni, we bring different groups together.

In the first edition, we had a heart-to-heart interview with the renowned professor Detlef Lohse. Among other things, he talks about his childhood and how his private life and career relate to each other. Researcher and UT alumnus Tom Kamperman tells how he had to fly back from the USA because of the corona crisis, but that he is eager to resume his research projects at Harvard as soon as possible.

There are also columns by Professor Wiendelt Steenbergen and Studium Generale's Hiska Bakker. The 'main story' in this first edition is about the phenomenon of campus and specifically about the unique aspects of the UT campus. We interviewed, among others, TU Delft professor Alexandra den Heijer. Above all, the magazine offers a mix of stories about what binds the UT community: research, education, student life and alumni.

U-Today and Marketing & Communication are responsible for conceptualising and creating Campus. The magazine is the joint successor of two magazines: U-Today's Science & Technology Magazine and the UT's Alumni and Relations Magazine.

The first copy is sent to employees, alumni and relations by post. Students receive the magazine by email. Only the campus houses receive it by post. And as soon as the buildings on campus are open again, Campus will of course also be placed in the displays at the entrance. Just like you are used to from us.

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