Recording equipment found in ITC Hotel

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A night security guard has installed audio recording equipment under the doors of student rooms at the ITC International Hotel. The UT filed a report against the security guard to the police, who is now investigating the case further.


All residents received an email from the hotel yesterday afternoon, explaining the issue. 'We deeply regret that this took place in our hotel. We take the matter very seriously, because this is an invasion of your privacy,' said the hotel. In the mail it is mentioned that a listening device was initially found under one door, but this soon turned out to be the case in several student rooms.

The perpetrator - the motives of whom are still guessing - is employed by a security company, hired by the UT. The UT asked the security company to take measures against the employee. The person does no longer work at the ITC Hotel, according to the e-mail. 'In a letter to us, the company has expressed its apologies.'

The hotel further requests students to be alert for 'suspicious matters', to check their own rooms and to report this as soon as possible. This Saturday morning, between 9.00 and 12.00h, students can ask the ITC faculty any questions they may have. They can sign up for this by e-mail.

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