UT sells ITC building to Central Government Real Estate Agency

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The UT has sold the ITC faculty building on Hengelosestraat in Enschede to the Central Government Real Estate Agency. In 2023 ITC will move to Langezijds on campus. Until then, the faculty can continue to use the building on Hengelosestraat.

The renovation of Langezijds, the new building for the ITC faculty, was delayed earlier because of foundation issues. Completion of the faculty building is now expected by the end of 2022. The actual relocation should take place in early 2023. Agreements have been made with the Central Government Real Estate Agency, the new owner of the building on the Hengelosestraat, so that ITC only has to move once and can move directly to campus.

ITC has resided in the prominent building on Hengelosestraat since 1996. With the recent sale to the Central Government Real Estate Agency, this will come to an end after more than 25 years. In the coming years, the real estate organisation of the Dutch national government intends to renovate the building and make it more sustainable. After that, various government services will be housed in the building.

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