Millions needed for additional female professors

| Rik Visschedijk

The UT is rushing to appoint ten additional female professors by 2020 at the latest. That comes with a price tag. In one scenario, seven million euros divided over five years. Probably not all new professors can directly fund their chair themselves.

Photo by: Arjan Reef

The costs of achieving the desired percentage of 20% of female professors by 2020 are carried by the faculties where the professors are appointed. This is stated in a proposed decision of the Executive Board, which will be discussed by the University Council in June. The idea is to support the faculties through central funding of 25,000 euros per professor per five years.

The scenario of seven million euros is based on three newly appointed professors who can pay for the chair themselves. Four professors would start with forty percent of 'shortage' and the last three professors would fall into the 'worst case' category, as described by the Executive Board. These are, for example, starting professors who bring little or no funding. In five years’ time they would grow to a funded chair from various cash flows.


In order to get ten female professors to Enschede, a campaign has been started. It is named Hypatia, after the Greek woman from the fifth century who is called the 'first female mathematician'. The Executive Board will dedicate 400.000 euros to this campaign. This money is needed for an external recruitment agency and extra bias training for, for example, the appointment advisory committees.

The UT is going to work with QSXL agency for recruitment, which is 'internationally focused' and uses data and algorithms to find suitable researchers. The faculty then determines whether the candidate fits the research and education profile.

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