'I was often recognized by other students'

| Jelle Posthuma

The Colombian Monica Pazos came to the UT last summer as the ten thousandth student. She was picked up from airport Schiphol by a limo, got a tour at the Grolsch beer brewery and lunched with the mayor of Enschede. How are things now, half a year later?

Last summer you got a warm welcome. How was that experience?

‘That was, of course, an honor. After the reception, I was often recognized by other students. They said: Are you Monica, the ten thousandth student?’

How do you like Twente?

'I am happy to be here, because I wanted to study in the Netherlands. For me the choice was between Delft and Enschede. The campus really appealed to me, and I was able to get a scholarship at the UT. My study Chemical Engineering is intensive and I study a lot. I spent the first five months at the ITC hotel. Fortunately, I have found a nice house via Facebook near to the city center.'

Did you have to get used to the Netherlands?

‘Especially to the weather. I come from Medellin, a big city in Colombia. In Medellin it is 24 degrees constantly: we do not know the four seasons. It is also much quieter in Twente than in Medellin.’

Have you become a member of an association?

‘Yes, I joined the Chemical Engineering study association and I play volleyball at Harambee. Our team consists of Dutch people and one French girl. I train twice a week. We eat together before training, so I got to know the Dutch kitchen a bit. I have not been to the Vestingbar yet. I do not go out that often.’

Do you miss Colombia?

‘Well, I especially hope that my family will come to Enschede. Then I can show them the campus. Last Christmas I stayed in the Netherlands. For the internationals who stayed in Enschede, a group of Dutch students from my year made us a Christmas meal.’

What does your future look like?

'I will have to study hard for my master and next year I want to do an internship in the Netherlands. Probably in a different city than Enschede.'

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