Voting for UT coffee

| Paul de Kuyper

What kind of coffee do you like? Until Friday staff and students can vote for a new supplier of hot drink vending machines. Two coffee suppliers serve their drinks in a taste test at the O&O-square.

Photo by: Jellien Tigelaar

It is the second time the university asks staff and students to vote for their favorite cup of coffee. After a first taste test in November one of the three suppliers objected successfully to the tendering procedure, forcing the UT to put out a new tender.

The facility department of the UT doesn’t want to comment on what has gone wrong in the first tendering procedure nor on what action has been taken to prevent a delay in the procedure again.

Two suppliers

In this second round only two coffee suppliers participate: Maas (Segafredo coffee) and Douwe Egberts (DE). You can vote and taste until Friday 10th 12:00h.

The ‘winning’ coffee will be announced in a few weeks.

Stay tuned

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