Campus to brighten up

| Maaike Platvoet

A large luminous logo in the pond along the Hengelosestraat depicting the letters 'University of Twente' is to become the new eye-catcher of the campus. The logo is expected to hit the water at the start of the new academic year.

During the previous year, a project group under the guidance of Atilla Kerpisci, Director of the Marketing & Communication directorate, came up with all kinds of ideas to increase the visibility of the campus. Industrial Design Engineering students and the Facility Department were also involved in this creative process.

‘It had already become apparent during the Create the UT of Tomorrow think thank - part of the Vision2020 initiative - that many ideas revolved around the high-tech image of the campus. We now want to further develop some of the designs and start implementing ideas shortly.’ A few months ago, several flags were already hung out on the Drienerlolaan and in other locations, so as to give the campus more international flair.


As stated above, it has now also been decided to use a large logo, to lend some more style to the entrance of the campus. ‘At first, the logo will be placed on the ground, but later on it will be hitting the water of the pond. Placing it in the water will be a bit more time-consuming,’ explains Kerpisci. ‘When the evening falls, the letters will be lit.’

The logo that is now on the front of the Spiegel building will be moved. ‘Otherwise, we would have two logos in very close proximity to one another.’ The Spiegel building will, however, have another something special in the future. ‘We're thinking of a news ticker or another type of luminous presentation device to announce events and communicate other messages.’


The Horst tower is to become more radiant as well. ‘It's quite an impressive building which can be seen from miles. Yet nothing distinguishes it as a UT building,’ says the M&C Director. ‘That's why we are looking into moving the letters on the Spiegel building to the Horst building. These would then also be lit in the evening. There are also ideas to add fluorescent house style elements to the building.’

In addition, five important campus entrances will be marked with pillars, making it clearer to the visitor that they are entering the university premises. ‘These pillars - which still need to be designed, but will be providing interactive information - may be fitted with motion detectors and/or LED lights. The smaller entrances will have a welcoming sign.’

LED light

In the short term, the campus will see the arrival of two new LED screens, at the Vrijhof and near the Pinetumpad bicycle entrance. And last but not least, the project group is trying to find ways to improve the Sports Centre's and Boulevard's appearance. Kerpisci: ‘The Campus unit has all kinds of ideas, such as LED lighting in the pavement and creative lighting in or on the stairs of the Sports Centre.’

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