'I hope the study can fulfil my high expectations'

| Stan Waning

Hundreds of students will get to know the University of Twente during the Kick-In. Who are they, where are they from and do they look forward to it? With U-Today you'll get to know a first-year student every day during the introductory period. Today: Alina Rajcu (25) from Romania, Master's student Biomedical Engineering.

Alina Rajcu (25).

Why did you choose Twente?

'I compared several study programmes and the one in Twente seemed the best option for me. The way the programme is offered here suits me best. In Romania I already had a bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering. Hopefully this master's will be a good fit with my first study.'

Already found a place to live?

'Definitely, I have had a room in Enschede for a while now. The search was a bit chaotic, but that was mainly because everything was new to me. I started looking in mid-June and about three weeks later I could move into my room. I am happy with the space and expect to be happy living there.'

What is your first impression?

'It is good. I am particularly enthusiastic about Enschede. It's a quiet town, where it's possible to focus on my studies. The distractions are not as prominent as in a much larger city and that's just fine. I also like the campus and the university. It's great to see that there are so many facilities and events on the agenda.'

Are you going to join an association?

'I haven't decided yet. Becoming a member of an association is not something I find most important in the first few weeks. Eventually, I might join a dance association, but the dance associations on this market don't appeal to me so much. I'll look into that later.'

What are you dreading?

'No, not at all actually. What I am curious about is whether the study can live up to my high expectations. That the content isn't completely different from what I expected, but I assume that I'll like the study.'

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