Tom Veldkamp continues to be rector of the UT for the next four years

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Rector Magnificus Tom Veldkamp has been reappointed by the Supervisory Board for a second term. He will thus sign on as rector of the UT for another four years.

In terms of management style, Veldkamp is known as 'stable, committed and solid'.  But he also let it be known that he does not like to be the center of attention . He was appointed Rector Magnificus in November 2020 and started in a turbulent time, in the middle of the corona period. His four-year term was due to expire in the autumn, but has now been extended.

Where will the UT be in four years' time, at the end of its first term?, was the question in one of his first interviews with U-Today.  Veldkamp in 2020: 'I hope we have a university where people feel at home. Where the artificial difference between education and research is reduced and where we  work on meaningful topics in a challenge-based manner. That's what connects us to society.'

Veldkamp sometimes showed a clear side, whether it was about complaints about a GP practice or conducting the social debate.

The rector was also committed to strengthening the 'fourth leg of the UT table': lifelong learning'. Veldkamp: 'I dare say that lifelong learning is just as important as our initial education. Otherwise, we have done something wrong. I have every confidence in a good execution.'

President of the Executive Board Vinod Subramaniam and Vice-President Machteld Roos are part of the Executive Board from September 2021. Their term runs until mid-2025. It is not yet known whether they will also remain affiliated with the UT for a longer period of time.

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