University Council approves new educational vision

| Rense Kuipers

On Wednesday morning, the University Council approved the new overarching educational vision for the UT. However, the council remains concerned about the timeline, now that the vision is about to be implemented.

At the previous plenary meeting, the University Council came up with multiple recommendations for the so-called ‘Vision on Learning and Teaching’. Last December, the council thought that it could be more concrete, more daring and with more historical awareness. According to UReka member Milan Gomes, the council is ‘still not completely satisfied’ with the vision as it was presented this morning. ‘Int particular, the identity of the UT can be better reflected, as well as an explanation of the vision in one clear vision statement.’

According to rector Tom Veldkamp, the writing team involved was reluctant to make too many changes to the document. ‘It is a balancing act, they want to keep the feeling that it is their document.’ Incidentally, the rector agreed to some subtle adjustments: for example, not only learning but also teaching will receive more explicit attention.

Pace and clarity

Without the need for a formal round of voting, the council approved the educational vision. Gomes urged pace and clarity: ‘Now we are entering a more difficult phase, that of implementation. If it were up to us, you mainly focus on the balance between digital and physical education and writing the vision for Master’s education. We would like to see an overview of concrete steps that will be taken.’

The rector indicated that he would inform the University Council regularly. But he did not want to commit himself to a tight timeline too much. ‘Now that we are going to implement the vision, it means that it will affect people directly. I want them to know about the consequences clearly as they might arise. The devil is in the details, we must implement the vision carefully and in continuous consultation, not impose it top-down.’

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