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Looking for a flexible, autonomous and active part-time job? We’re looking for new student journalists to join our team. Interested? Send an email to [email protected]!

The U-Today editorial team

What is U-Today?

We’re the independent news medium at the UT – and have been for almost sixty years. We follow all the important current events at the UT critically and inform you about them on our website and social media. We also make magazines, offer a platform for opinions and discussion... Basically, if you’re part of the UT community and want to stay informed about the university, U-Today is the platform to take a look.

What are you specifically looking for?

In this case: student journalists! Besides our team of regular staff members, we’ve been working together with student journalists for years. Any UT student could join this group, from any kind of studies. It’s a job that’s ideal if you’re looking for something flexible, autonomous and active. With all due respect to other jobs at the UT, it’s definitely no mind-numbing work behind a desk. We want you to get out there and explore, observe, question, reflect and write!

Do I need any experience in journalism?

That would be great, of course, but it’s not necessary. We have a weekly meeting to discuss topics. And two of our experienced journalists are there to guide you, young padawan. Especially in the beginning, you might need some training wheels or – in a worst case scenario – a safety net. We’ll help you get the hang of journalism and all its written and unwritten rules. Most importantly, this is the kind of job that can help you develop your skills: from less-academic writing, to interviewing, to working on your persistence.

What kind of work would I do?

It can be very straightforward: think of a topic, do some more research and interview someone about it and write it out into a coherent article. That’s it. But here comes the fun part: what you want to write about, is mostly up to you! As a student journalist, you are our eyes and ears on campus. So whatever the ‘talk of the town’ is, you’re probably closer by than you think.

Very important, of course: does it pay?

Of course! Payment goes through the UT’s virtual job agency, UT Flex and you’ll be a so-called ‘student on-call worker’. Payment takes place on a monthly basis.

How did other student journalists experience this job?


Jennifer Cutinha (student journalist from 2018-2022):

‘Working at U-Today was a tremendous experience! I got to learn and appreciate journalistic writing and several other things that come with honing the craft. For a shy person like myself, this job was much more than just writing behind the screen. I learned to articulate and express my ideas, multitask, interview, and actively listen to different people. I had the opportunity to work with other student writers, as well as the editorial team who were an absolute delight to work with. I couldn’t have asked for a more fun, enthusiastic, and encouraging team to be a part of.’

Pim Eerden (student journalist from 2021-2022):

‘You can choose what you would like to write about and because each article deals with a different subject, the work is very varied. While producing the articles, you get to know many new people within the UT community, which is fun but can also be useful for your network. Sometimes it can be challenging to find a new topic every week, but for those who keep their ears and eyes open at the UT, this should not be a problem.’

Michael Maurer (student journalist from March 2022-present):

‘Working as a student journalist at U-Today is the most fulfilling and interesting part-time job I have ever had, because I can choose which people I want to interview and which stories I want to write about. My experience as a student editor has made me a better writer and interviewer, and I have had the opportunity to learn more about activities and events related to student life in Enschede.’

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